What’s included in the Methane Protection Plan

10 – 26 Aerial surveys of your assets at 100 kg/​hr sensitivity with 90% PoD.

Option to access to all historic emissions data that we have on your business. 

Tracking of third-party watchdogs to know when they’re flying your assets and which assets they’re flying. 

Access to your benchmark ranking so you know how your measured emissions compare to your peers in each basin.

Free cancellation until 12/31/2024.

We believe every operator should be able to protect themselves against Waste Emissions Charges and make profit. We designed this Plan to help operators comply with maximum ROI.”

 — Insight M CEO, Gregg Rotenberg

Focus on the repairable.

Our data and data from customers show that most emissions found from high sensitivity solutions have low repairability — meaning they are very often unfixable. 

This chart details how repairability changes with survey sensitivity. For example, only 25% of emissions you find at 1 kg/​hr are repairable, compared to 96% when surveying at 100 kg/​hr.

Why choose the Methane Protection Plan?

Fewer false alarms mean increased safety and ROI.

Sending your team to an emissions detection just for them to discover that it’s unfixable because they are process emissions or intermittent is costly — in dollars, team morale, and safety.

When an emission is detected as part of our Methane Protection Plan, it will almost certainly be repairable. This minimizes windshield time, enhances safety, and increases the ROI of your methane program.

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