How LeakSurveyor works

Our patented LeakSurveyor™ uses a spectrometer to measure patterns of sunlight energy absorbed by methane emissions with an adjustable sensitivity of 10 – 50 kg/​hr. We combine spectrometer data with GPS/INS data and simultaneous optical imaging to provide customers with accurate, actionable data on exact location, heading, and real-time ground conditions around emission sources.

We fly the LeakSurveyor in a lawnmower-like pattern with overlaps between each pass. This strategy ensures complete coverage and guarantees that we will find emissions — no matter where they are in our survey area.

Data from each LeakSurveyor flight is securely processed through our proprietary data pipeline and reviewed by multiple stages of automation and in-house analysts. The end result is a concise report including emission size, the location of the emission source, and imagery to show the field conditions around the emission.

View from beneath a plane with a surveying device attached underneath, flying high above a vast landscape.