A mission-driven community

We are a community that invests our time in working on solutions that benefit future generations. During the day, our heads are focused on tough, engaging problems. At night, they rest easy because we’ve had a quantifiable and outsized positive influence on the planet.

There is an infectious undercurrent of positivity at Insight M. We attribute that to a few things: We hire brilliant, kind, and committed people. Then, we give them the agency and support they need to help solve one of the world’s toughest problems. We encourage people to invest in relationships with their coworkers and invite them to guide our culture.

Our team’s impact to date

125+ billion cubic feet

Methane prevented from being released into the atmosphere

200+ million metric tons

CO2 equivalents mitigated

50+ million cars

Equivalent impact of methane avoided

Your impact at Insight M

Methane is approximately 85 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas over a 20 year period. Every emission mitigated has an outsized impact on our planet. Working at Insight M is an opportunity to make a major difference for the future.

The entire Insight M team posing for a group photo together.

Join us

Every role is essential. Among us, you’ll find scientists, hardware, mechanical and software engineers, data scientists and analysts, technicians, operational specialists, customer success and salespeople, marketing professionals, and administrative experts.

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