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Mere leak detection is no longer sufficient. Operators need a partner grounded in methane science that understands every dollar invested in methane mitigation must directly benefit stakeholders.

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Insight M’s commitment to scientific rigor has been essential to enhancing the external dialogue on methane detection and measurement in the US onshore sector.”

Sam Knaizer
Head of Corporate Affairs, bpx energy logo.
Sam Knaizer
Head of Corporate Affairs, bpx energy

Introducing the Methane Protection Plan

Increased safety. Greater ROI.

Our data and customer data show that most emissions from high-sensitivity solutions have low repairability — meaning they are often unfixable. Our Methane Protection Plan offers frequent 100 kg/​hr surveys with 90% PoD. No risk to try. 

The ultimate proof point

The S&P Methane Emissions Ranking, powered by Insight M, is the industry’s only measurement-based, apples-to-apples comparison of methane performance in each basin.

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$500 m

in gas value saved for our customers

140+ Billion Cubic Feet

of methane mitigated from the atmosphere

50+ m

Car equivalents of greenhouse gas prevented from entering the atmosphere

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Science-backed, customer-focused

Our team is committed to using the best available science to help our customers build a profitable methane program.