Evidence-based strategy

Scientifically-rigorous simulations that forecast exposure to Waste Emissions Charges

Build your methane strategy

Actionable data & insights

Find the leaks that matter and improve operational efficiency

Survey with purpose

Contextual and verifiable results

Prove reductions to stakeholders and compare results to peers in your basin.

Operate with a data advantage

How it works

A consultative approach to methane management

  1. Our consultative approach starts by listening to your goals. Whether your focus is minimizing fee exposure, securing new contracts, or providing proof of performance to investors, we can get the emissions data you need.

Evidence-based forecasting

Understand your outcomes and exposure

Time is money when it comes to Waste Emissions Charges. We’ll help you choose the right survey sensitivity and frequency to minimize your exposure and maximize profits.

Actionable data and insights

Uncover leaks and improve efficiency

Research shows that a small number of large leaks cause the majority of emissions. In other words, with the right data, your team can mitigate the majority of emissions in a few trips out to the field. We pride ourselves on providing actionable insights that optimize efficiency and enhance safety for your teams on the ground.

A white Cessna airplane flying amid a bright, blue sky.

Contextual and verifiable results

Deliver evidence on your reductions

We don’t just fly your assets, we cover the entire basin. This means we have the unique ability to put your survey results into context. Compare your performance against your peers and demonstrate progress against your goals with our Benchmark.


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