Your methane management partner

Who we are

Founded in 2014, we are a consultative methane emissions management company and driven by our unwavering commitment to scientific rigor and overall customer success. 

Our team is comprised of leading methane scientists, engineers, and strategists whose sole focus is to create evidence-based solutions that empower our customers to achieve operational excellence in methane management.

Who we serve

We help oil and gas operators to take a pragmatic approach to reducing their emissions — helping them keep gas in the pipe and protect their brand from public and regulatory scrutiny. 

Our work has saved our oil and gas customers over $500 million in gas value and mitigated over 125 billion cubic feet of methane from entering the atmosphere — equivalent to taking 50 million gas cars off the road for a year.

Our mission

To transform methane emission management with an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor and overall customer success

An oil well stands several hundred yards in the distance across a grassy plain with the sun setting in the background

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