New Mexico authority approves Kairos Aerospace (now Insight M) technology in methane emissions mitigation efforts

Insight M

Leading Methane Detection Company Receives Regulatory Approval for Advanced Leak And Repair Monitoring with LeakSurveyor

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – April 18, 2021 – Insight M, the leading identifier of oilfield methane leaks and emissions, today announced the approval in the Advanced Leak and Repair Monitoring (ALARM) credit program of its LeakSurveyor™ technology by New Mexico’s Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD). Following EMNRD’s approval, Permian and San Juan Basin operators can now use Insight M’s services to meet the state’s regulatory requirements on methane emissions and obtain additional credit for methane reductions achieved with Insight M technology.

EMNRD finalized new rules in 2021 to reduce fugitive methane emissions in New Mexico and limit most venting and flaring in oil fields. The rule established an ambitious 98% gas capture target for all oil and gas operations in the state, and established a pathway for companies that use innovative ALARM technology to obtain credit for additional emission reductions.

Insight M’s LeakSurveyor™ technology provides georeferenced methane emissions data combined with real-time optical imagery for accurate methane source attribution and quantification. The resulting data helps to facilitate and focus operators’ repairs on the most impactful efforts. As an approved ALARM technology, oil and gas operators can earn a credit of 40% of the volume of natural gas discovered by LeakSurveyor™, after verifying and repairing the leaks within the rule’s specifications.

We’ve closely followed the regulatory developments at both a state and federal level, including submitting our expertise and comments. To see it come full circle and our technology approved to be used in an innovative way within the New Mexico program is gratifying,” said Ryan Streams, Vice President, Policy and External Affairs, Insight M. We’re excited at the prospect of furthering our impact and operations in New Mexico, partnering with operators who prioritize responsible emissions management and operational excellence.”

Insight M’s LeakSurveyor™ has scanned for methane emissions more than 369,000 wells and over 160,000 miles of pipeline in North America, resulting in the elimination of more than 29 billion cubic feet of methane releases. As an approved ALARM technology, Insight M will provide oil and gas operators with actionable data on large-scale methane emissions in a timely and cost-effective manner across the state of New Mexico that make it faster and easier for companies to comply with New Mexico’s gas capture targets. 

About Insight M

Insight M (formerly Kairos Aerospace) provides large-scale, aerial monitoring, analytics and benchmarks of methane emissions to oil and gas operators across North America, South America and Europe. Our mission is to improve operational excellence for the oil & gas industry with cost-effective, efficient methane reductions at scale.