Principal Software Engineer

Sameer Sundresh

Placeholder imageSameer Sundresh.

Sameer Sundresh joined Insight M as a Principal Software Engineering in March 2023. He focuses on improving software development effectiveness across the company by defining and driving the internal Developer Productivity & Systems Roadmap, mentoring and reviewing work for engineers across the Software team, and designing and implementing more efficient, easier to use software tools.

Prior to joining Insight M, Sameer was a Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Twitter (top 3% of engineers at the company). Within Twitter’s Engineering Effectiveness (EE) organization, Sameer served as technical lead for a group of five teams focused on improving the internal developer experience. As a sole inventor, Sameer was granted two patents for his work at Twitter on a technology that enables developers to iterate faster on code. 

Before Twitter, Sameer worked at a number of venture-backed startups ranging in size from five to 50 employees. As Lead Cloud Engineer at Everpix (acquired by Twitter and MyHeritage), he was responsible for developing and operating all backend services and infrastructure. As Sr. Software Engineer at Rdio, a music streaming service founded by Skype’s founders (acquired by Pandora), he developed the company’s first automated music recommendation system. And at Pattern Insight, a large-scale code search and analysis startup (acquired by VMware), Sameer designed and implemented scalable distributed code search and analysis software and lead student recruiting.

Sameer has a Ph.D. and B.S. (Highest Honors, James Scholar, Math minor) in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.