Director, Research and Development

Erin Wetherley, Ph.D.

Portrait of Erin Wetherley, Ph.D..

Dr. Erin Wetherley oversees the science team at Insight M, which defines and designs better ways to understand methane emissions. This includes developing and enhancing Insight M methane detection technology, from sensor prototyping and field testing to detection signal processing. As part of this, Erin works with external reviewers to validate the results of systems enhancements, most recently coordinating a single-blinded evaluation of the Insight M LeakSurveyor by Stanford University that confirmed 10 kg/​h detection sensitivity (currently undergoing peer review). Erin also provides technical leadership to guide data science product development, including the predictive algorithms underlying our Compass and Veritas-aligned Benchmark methodology. 

Before joining Insight M, Erin was an AI specialist at Accenture Technology Labs. There, she developed machine learning approaches for processing satellite data and a series of recommendation systems based on knowledge graphs, while exploring new ways to build explainable AI prototypes. Prior to this, Erin worked as a GIS manager at a land-preservation non-profit and science radio host. 

Erin is an expert in the core of Insight M technology, having earned her PhD in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara. There, she specialized in imaging spectroscopy and remote sensing while serving as a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow. Her work supported research efforts at NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international science collaboration focused on remote sensing of complex environments. Erin earned her BS in Environmental Studies from Brown University, graduating magna cum laude and with honors. She currently has one issued and one pending patent and 15 peer-reviewed science publications.