Chief Science Officer

Elena Berman, Ph.D.

Dr. Elena Berman is responsible for all aspects of research, development, hardware engineering, and advanced data analytics, including leading the R&D and hardware engineering teams. Elena drives the overall roadmap for new and existing sensing products and advanced data analytics, including the optimizer, benchmarking, and the IRA fees analysis tool. She recently oversaw implementation of Insight M’s new variable sensitivity from 10 – 50 kg/​hr and significant margin improvements made possible by flying at higher altitude and reducing data processing compute costs. Elena invented our new laser-based detection technology and is leading development of the program.

Before joining Insight M, Elena worked at Los Gatos Research (purchased by ABB). At LGR/ABB, she was responsible for designing, developing, and deploying custom spectroscopic analyzers for trace gas and isotope studies, including a UAV-based sensor for greenhouse gas detection. The triple-isotope water analyzer that Elena designed and prototyped was LGR’s best-selling product for many years. Elena was the Principal Investigator for multiple competitively funded research grants (NASA and NIH). As Director of Research, she was responsible for the full lifecycle of research projects and personnel, managing the project portfolio to ensure on time and in budget performance.

Elena completed her postdoctoral studies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, applying advanced data analytic techniques to a wide variety of problems from breast cancer cell differentiation to aging of nuclear assets. Elena has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University and a B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in Applied Mathematics from Davidson College. She graduated valedictorian, magna cum laude, with honors, and Phi Beta Kappa. Elena has three issued and one pending patent and has over 30 published scientific papers with nearly 1,500 total citations.