Senior Director, Marketing

Charlie Feinerman

Charlie oversees Insight M’s marketing, communications, and brand activities. Since joining Insight M in November 2022, he has helped construct and guide the company’s fundraising story and has overseen Insight M’s rebranding and website redesign projects. His primary day-to-day work is focused on empowering and supporting the sales team’s efforts to drive revenue. 

Charlie is an award-winning marketing and brand strategist who came to Insight M after spending the prior seven years of his career overseeing strategy at two different creative agencies in Washington, D.C. While at his most recent agency, Taoti Creative, Charlie created and built the marketing practice area from the ground up, growing it from scratch to revenue exceeding $10M/​year in 18 months, resulting in over 40% growth in the agency’s overall revenue. He led Taoti’s efforts to secure D.C.’s largest public contract — DC Lottery’s $90 million advertising agency of record — and led a ~50-person team across three agencies to deliver on the contract. His agency time also included the rebranding of the world’s largest geothermal energy industry organization, Geothermal Rising, oversight of communications strategy for NASA’s Earth Science Division, and global diplomatic communication strategy with the U.S. Department of State. Previously in his career, Charlie worked in strategic marketing for an NFL franchise with partners including GEICO, Subway, and Bose; and spent three years working as a reporter and producer for the ESPN affiliate radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Charlie holds a Master’s degree in sports industry management from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Arizona State University.