Software Engineering Manager

Brett Heliker

Portrait of Brett Heliker.

Brett Heliker leads the team responsible for developing and maintaining Insight M’s data processing pipeline and cloud infrastructure. Insight M’s pipeline is a complex system built to extract raw data from sensor pods and execute a series of calculations to precisely quantify and geolocate methane emissions. Brett provides guidance to the team in practicing proper software engineering techniques and processes to build a scalable, modular, maintainable, observable, and automated system. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and optimization with every build, test, and deploy cycle.

Brett’s extensive experience and passions align closely with Insight M’s mission. He spent a decade at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International), collaborating with research and development teams and GIS analysts. During this time, he led a team in the design, development, and deployment of hardware systems for geospatial data collection, transmission, analysis, and display. Following his tenure at SRI International, Brett played a pivotal role in designing and building the IoT architecture at Uptake, a startup focused on applying machine learning to sensor data processing. The goal was to enhance the efficiency and conduct preventative maintenance on large assets such as wind turbines, freight trains, and power plants. Most recently, Brett focused on systems integration and implementation for Modzy, a BAH spinoff dedicated to building scalable, applied AI/ML solutions.

Brett holds a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, with a focus on Systems Engineering.