Principal Software Engineer

Adam Haberlach

Placeholder imageAdam Haberlach.

Adam is a Principal Software Engineer on Insight M’s Software Infrastructure team, where he is focused on the methane and optical data processing pipelines. Over the past year, he has worked to increase the efficiency and speed of data’s journey from a pile of pictures” into maps of methane results ready for interpretation by analysis teams. He also serves as a cross-functional technical advisor, reviewing design docs and code, researching technology, and facilitating conversations. 

Previously, he spent 17 years working at Google. He was one of the initial engineers on the Android project, leading a test engineering team that grew from just himself to 16 people. He spent over a year living in Sydney, Australia, working to expand a team in the remote office, primarily for Google Wave. For almost two years, he was a team lead for Google’s internal issue tracking system, a tool used by tens of thousands of engineers on a daily basis. He was an early member of the Google Glass team, initially doing work to characterize hardware and battery life, and eventually building and deploying manufacturing software and tools, integrating with multiple partners and sites. He led the test engineering team for the Google WiFi project up to and through initial ship and release. In five years at Waymo, he worked with the LiDAR manufacturing team, became lead of the hardware organization’s manufacturing infrastructure team, and built automated hardware-in-the-loop tooling for a custom in-dash entertainment system. He then spent a year with the Everyday Robots hardware team, before moving to Insight M (then Kairos Aerospace).

He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University, with an ASIC design specialization.